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Jean Stafford

The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford

The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford

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a 1984 Obelisk paperback edition with Obelisk's signature full cover author photo on the back. I love these editions.

I know I've gone on about Jean Stafford in the past-- you may remember her western novel "The Mountain Lion"--I think she reminds me most of Tove Jansson? An American Tove? It's her brilliant mastery of a child's point of view, perhaps.

I almost kept this one cause I've never read a lot of these. And I love how they are organized geographically: Abroad, Boston and other American scenes, the American West, and Manhattan Island. 

note: there's an old water stain on the bottom of the book... maybe someone nodded off in the bathtub with this one ages ago. But the jerked right awake and dried it really well on the radiator cause the pages haven't even rippled. Just a coloration of water. And some of the front pages before the table of context are a little loose. But the stories are solid.

463 pages

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