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Bernadette Mayer

The Art of Science Writing

The Art of Science Writing

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a 1988 paperback

Ok so this is a technical book but how incredible that it's written by Bernadette Mayer???? (let's just ignore the other name on the cover) Clearly, every subject would be improved by being written about and by a poet.

For example, some of my favorite writing on science is probably Elizabeth Bishop's poetry. And I wish everyday that Rachel Carson had written some poetry--though one could argue she did.

Section 2, Writing Experiments is the part I know for sure was written by Mayer.

The excerpt on private journals makes me think of Denise Levertov's piece in The Poet in the World on journaling. 

And the bit on dailiness--something Bernadette Mayer's poetry perfectly incapsulates. 

206 pages

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