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Laurie Colwin

Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen

Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen

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*Note: annotated edition has been claimed!*

a 1993 paperback edition of writer Laurie Colwin's masterpiece in food writing.

This could teach you to cook and you wouldn't even know you were being taught anything because of the sheer pleasure you'll find in reading it. Even if you have no desire to ever cook a day in your life, I'm pretty confidant you'd enjoy this book.

"For the socially timid, the kitchen is the place to be. At least, it is the place to start."

-pg 70

I find this quote extremely relatable--not at all in a trad-wife way and very much in a socially awkward kind of way.

note: I have two copies of this available--one is unmarked and the other is heavily annotated in the most beautiful grandmotherly handwriting--I had a hard time narrowing down which bits to share in the scans but every single time they write "TRY" I also want to try and the second to last scan even comes with a little smear of cake batter. Which, personally is all I ever want in a book about food, but there is also an unmarked edition available too;)

Both copies available have covers reinforced with a water resistant film that I believe is original to them. And I find that extremely thoughtful. I hope she insisted on that in her contract negotiations. Does anyone know if this is true? 

 further note: that last scan's quote about how to not present vegetables. Also, I'm partial to that illustration cause those are my dinner plates!! 

193 pages

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