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Shirley Hughes

George the Babysitter

George the Babysitter

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a 1977 hardback picture book by Shirley Hughes

Shirley Hughes is one of my top children's book writers and illustrators and as such, I do my very best to model the inside of my apartment off the homes in her books. Whenever I need design inspiration I pull out her books. She shows every bit of charming disarray of a really lived in home. (So now you know whenever you see the clutter in my photos, that is a very intentional design choice!!) Sometimes, when NYC is being mean, I also want to model my outside life of her books too-- look at that beautiful public park!! Then I remember that I have that here in NYC and the public parks are a main draw.

Like "Lucky Wilma" (sold out currently but I'll keep it up on the site for reference), this shows a concerted effort to promote gender equality in caretakers. 

note: little note taped inside back cover with the title of the book written by some past reader 

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