white woman breastfeeding toddler beside cart full of books for sale

Common Books exists to get books by women into people’s hands, bags, coat pockets, and bookshelves, pushing back against centuries of sexism that saw brilliant works brushed aside or relegated to the bargain bin by highlighting a carefully curated selection of the most interesting, unique, and insightful works women have created over the years.

I started Common Books in 2018, first as an Instagram account, then as a mobile wooden book cart selling paperbacks in NYC’s Lower East Side. My goal was twofold - to create a job I could do with my baby in tow, and to share books I was passionate about with my community. 

This goal has grown into the dream of a permanent, physical Common Books bookshop in NYC that can double as a community center for reading, discussion, and writing. The launch of this website represents a step towards that goal, streamlining online sales from what I was able to accomplish on Instagram, with every penny going towards the eventual launch of a brick and mortar Common Books. 

(If you have other ways you think you can support this mission, feel free to send me an email or DM on Instagram.)